List of Belphanior Servants

Belphanior provides a variety of servants to control and automate various systems around your home. At present, these are all based upon the Belphanior Sinatra Servant Template [ github, rubygems ], which uses the Sinatra framework for convenience of constructing role handlers.

Belphanior Speech Servant [ github , rubygems ]
Converts text into speech, which is then output via the speakers of the host comptuer.
Belphanior Time Servant [ github , rubygems ]
Retrieves the current time from the local clock of hte machine on which it is running.
Belphanior 2412n Servant [ github , rubygems ]
Interfaces to an INSTEON 2412n home automation server, allowing control of both x10 and INSTEON-addressed devices.
Belphaior Calendar Watcher Servant [ github , rubygems ]
Monitors an iCal calendar (available via a specified URL). When events occur on the calendar, notifies a Butler of the event's occurrence by triggering a script of the same name as the event.